Monday, 8 December 2008

Not just double booked but triple!!

Well, Saturday went better than I expected after I realised I'd triple booked. I had someone coming in to make a brooch at 10 o clock, someone booked on a whole day course at 11 o clock and I had 3 children booked in at half two to make pendants for mum. Girl on the whole day course turned up at half 9 - she'd come all the way from Pembrokeshire so I offered her a cup of tea and told her of my mix up. She was really sweet and said she didn't mind at all. Maria arrived 15 mins earlier as I'd told her and Ros they could have a cup of tea before the craft units opened - Ros has a unit opposite - called Orchard Crafts. All went well and we got the brooch started, then Sophie joined in for her day course then Michelle arrived with the 3 children at half 12 I'd obviously put wrong time down but it worked OK. Sophie went for lunch, Michelle and the children made pendants which turned out great and then Sophie and I carried on with her course. Turned out she was a Christian so we had a lovely chat about the Lord and I'm guessing that's why she wasn't put out by any of the triple booking. She made some lovely pieces but unfortunately I forgot to take photos of them or I could have shown you. I was extremely tired when I'd finished for the day but had really enjoyed it all.

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