Sunday, 1 July 2012

Another great day at the Guild of Enamellers, Region 4.  We had a superb day with Janet Notman making enamelled beads.  I loved every minute of it.  It took a while for us all to get used to working with 2 mandrels and having to rotate them while keeping an eye on the bead.  I'm used to doing it when making a glass bead but it was different rotating them for enamelled beads.  Here are a few pics taken at the workshop.
Me attempting my first bead with Linda looking on

 Linda- intense concentration as she starts to work on her first bead

 Janet showing us the ropes on how to de-enamel a bead if it had gone wrong, then taking a hammer to it to get the remainder of the enamel off.
 Maureen obviously having a great time - she's an expert at making beads out of copper shim
 Melissa, her first workshop and thoroughly enjoying the bead making
 Melissa mum Penny thinking it's not as easy as it looks but making a good job of her beads
 Melissa's sister Ella having a good time making one of the smaller beads

Linda concentrating on making her first bead - not sure why but the video doesn't seem to be working, however,it did workfor me when I clicked onto the hare or tortoise!!