Friday, 28 November 2008

Enamelled pendants

Just a couple of my earlier pieces of enamelled jewellery. The blue one had small pieces of glass added to it and then I swirled it when the glass had melted while it was in the kiln. I added a few seed beads to finish it off.
The mauve pendant had a mix of opaque and transparent enamel
powders sifted on and I added a piece of millefiori (apparently it means 'millions of flowers' in Italian), small slices of glass that have a pattern running through them giving the appearance on this one of a flower.
I sold both pieces shortly after I made them.

My crafting blog

This is it - my crafting blog. I have my own little craft unit where I enamel every weekend and school holidays so I just thought this would be the ideal place to show you just what it is that I do. I love crafts of every description but by far enamelling is my favourite and even though I've been doing it for years now I still feel I'm only touching the surface. I love this art of fusing glass to metal and the way the powders melt into a wonderful kaleidoscope of colour as I swirl them is a joy to behold.
I'll add some pics of the pieces I make and some of the courses I run as I go along.