Friday, 25 February 2011

Well isn't it amazing how time flies by and whilst I've been checking other peoples blogs I haven't really spent much time on my own, just updating my everyday one now and again but not really looked at my Honeycomb Crafts one so here I am just to give you a little update.

Linda and I went off to Shrewsbury last week and spent the day with other like minded enamellers enjoying a workshop by Bonnie Macintosh. We were doing 'grisaille' which means 'grey' in French and it turned out to be a really good day.

Bonnie showed us some of the work she had done and explained the different techniques to us. We tried them all but the only piece I managed to take a pic of is the one below. It's meant to be viewed at a slight angle but I didn't quite get the pic right.

Bonnie had set up stations which held 4 different meshes of enamel powder and the idea was to sift the first coat then fire it and then add the second and fire and so on. I decided to do something simple and cut a stencil out of sun rays coming down onto a field. I was pleased with the result and will give it a try at the studio when I get some free time.


Toyin O. said...

That is a great craft form Bonnie, thansk for sharing.

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