Tuesday, 14 September 2010

I could spend all day enamelling, I just love the way the colours emerge when I add small pieces of crushed enamel to a design and then swirl it while it's in the kiln. I made this pendant and liked it so much that I was going to keep it to go with an outfit I had.
I sifted transparent shades of copper brown and light brown onto the copper shape then added and swirled glass pieces while it was still in the kiln and added a small millefiori (means millions of flowers in Italian). The different tones of brown gave a warmth and depth to the pendant and I had no sooner finished it than someone bought it so I didn't get to keep it to go with my outfit after all. This pendant, was created using shades of blue and mauve with small chips of glass being swirled into the design.

These next 3 pieces were made after someone gave me the inspiration of taking a small window of Gustav Klimts artwork then transferring it to my designs. This one had square pieces of copper wire put onto the pendant and I then inlaid them with mauve and white enamel. The background was a dove grey and the rest of the design was painted with gold before firing.

This piece was sifted with orange enamel powder and then I painted a flower and leaf design before firing. I didn't like this one as much as I thought I would as I really enjoyed painting it but the design didn't quite turn out the way I had hoped.

I loved this design with the ivory background and touches of blue, a sort of reddish brown and then gold highlights.
I loved the simple design of this next piece. I had used shades of blue opaque and transparent enamels and the colours had started to burst through giving a lovely depth to the background. A simple blue millefiori just finished it off.

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HOPE said...

Such lovely talent!

I adore the first BROWN...I can't believe you didn't keep it...it is stunning!!

So nice to find you via Aliene...

God bless