Friday, 19 July 2013

3 months since I last posted, wow, doesn't time fly by.  Here are some of the things I've been doing in recent months.
Had a fabulous time on 2 of Ruth Ball's workshops held at the Big Peg in Birmingham.  First one was a workshop on cloisonné.  The piece I chose to do was taken from a picture I had seen on the web of some materials.  I'd been looking for pics of ripples and came across the one in the background and as you can see this is what I based my design on.  Below is the finished piece.
Ruth Ball Workshop 
Design taking shape - cloisonné wires resting on design drawn onto tracing paper and held in place with sticky back plastic.
Stoned back to a matt finish

I loved the effect and this was in the final glossy state before I decided to do a mat finish

I completed these painted samples on the second workshop. 
This was one of Ruth's pieces but she asked me to paint a design onto the surface and then let me keep it.

Work in progress using sunshine enamels.  I was pleased with the end result but couldn't get a good picture.

Spent a day in the studio making ear-rings.  I love the effect I got using different blues.  I'll finish them off tomorrow

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Dominique Abram said...

Dear sis, these are beautiful! Letting you know that Steven and I moved to France and we are in Civray south of Poitiers. Blessings and much love xx Nicky